Communications and Signal Processing Research Group

The overall mission of the group is to undertake state-of-the-art research in specific areas of interest and to provide electrical engineering postgraduate students with excellent educational and research opportunities in communications and signal processing. The group focuses on activities that make and promote substantial contributions to the advancement of knowledge and technology in dedicated areas, with special emphasis on high-tech and application-driven research in relevant areas that include:

 Communications and Networking

  • Digital Communications

  • Multi-Carrier Modulation

  • Wide-Band Wireless Communications

      Telephony Systems

  • Multimedia Transmission and Networking

  • Wireless Networks Protocols

  • Data Modems


 Image and Video Technology

  • Image and Video Compression

  • Image and Video Enhancement and Restoration

  • Object-Based Video Coding

  • Content-Based Image Retrieval

  • Fingerprint Identification/Authentication and Compression

  • Digital Video Watermarking

  • Virtual Studios

  • Motion Tracking

  • Video Processing for Medical Applications

  • Object Segmentation

  • Texture Analysis

 Audio, Voice, and Speech Processing

  • Audio Signal Processing and Compression

  • Audio Encryption

  • Voice Based Man-Machine Interaction

  • Voice Servicing Systems

  • Speech Coding and Compression

      Speech Ciphering

      Advanced Analog Speech Scrambling

  • Speech Analysis and Phonetic Decomposition

  • Text-to-Speech Conversion

  • Automatic Speech and Speaker Recognition

  • Speech Segmentation and Labeling

  • Prosody Analysis of Speech

  • Automatic Language Translation


DSP and Signal Processing

  • DSP Design and Implementation

  • Time-Frequency Analysis and Representations

  • Modern Spectral Analysis

  • Statistical Signal Processing and Analysis

  • Signal Processing for Industrial Applications

  • Signal Processing for Medical Applications


Information Hiding

  • Speech and Multimedia Watermarking

  • Speech, Audio, Image, and Video Steganography

  • Statistical and Structural Analysis based Steganalysis

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