Computers, Security, and Cryptology Group

The cryptology and network security group is dedicated to research in the information and communication technologies security and offers specialized courses and research projects to postgraduate students in electrical and computer engineering. The group specifically provides superior opportunities for education and research in cryptology, network security, secure hardware/software implementation, and security policy, and comes with significant contributions to development of new theories, algorithms, and techniques in the nominated areas, as:


  • Design and Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphers

  • Design and Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers

  • Design of One-Way Functions

  • Secure Hardware and Software Implementations of Cryptographic Embedded Systems

  • Secret Sharing Schemes

  • Speech, Audio, and Video Watermarking and Steganography

Network Security

  • Secure Telephone Networks

  • Consultancy for Implementation of PKI

  • Design and Verification of Secure Network Protocols

  • Electronic Payment Systems

  • Single Sign On Authentication

Security Policy 

  • Consultancy Services for Development of Security Policy 

  • Consultancy Services for Implementing Information Security Management

Electronics Research Institute - Sharif University of Tecgnology