Electronics Research Institute (ERI)

 The Electronics Research Institute at Sharif University of Technology (SUT), founded in 1972, has been the first research institute in the university in the field of electrical engineering, for doing basic and applied research and graduate education in the areas of communications, signal processing, cryptology, network security, electronics, and electronic instrumentation. The institute aims at developing new theories, techniques, and solutions in specified areas, including theoretical analysis, feasibility studies, high-tech systems design, technological problem solving, and teaching specialized courses in nominated areas.

 Principal mission of the institute is to offer excellence in both research and education. In research, the institute is committed to collaborations with research and industrial sponsoring organizations, interactions with industry partners, involving the SUT faculty and graduate students in large research projects, and conducting international collaborative research with other universities and research institutions. The contribution of the institute to the education in the university is to proffer distinction in graduate education and train young researchers and engineers to achieve leading positions and thriving roles in both academia and industry. 

Research Areas
The main areas of research at the institute are:


The institute is the originator and organizer of the Masterís of Secure Communications in the Electrical Engineering Department, where faculty of the institute are involved in teaching in the same and other relevant departments in the university. So far, the institute has been offering more than several postgraduate and undergraduate courses in those departments, including cryptology, advanced cryptography, cryptography mathematics, information hiding, advanced instrumentations, electronics, electrical measurement, digital logic circuits and systems, machine language and structure, communication systems simulation, digital signal processors, speech processing, and postgraduate seminar courses of cryptology, cryptography, and information theory. The faculty of the institute have also conducted and supervised a large number of Masterís and Doctorate theses in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and mathematical sciences, which are generally structured and accomplished within research teams in the institute that are regularly engaged in sophisticated, interdisciplinary research projects.


The institute includes a number of modern core laboratories dedicated to:

 Research Groups

There are three main areas of research undertaken within the institute, as follows: