The main areas of research at the center are: 

  • Speech Ciphering Coding, Recognition, and Synthesis 

  • Speech, Audio, Image, and Video Watermarking and Steganography 

  • Cryptology and Network Security 

  • Security Policy 

  • Electronic Payment Systems 

  • High-Performance DSP based Design and Implementation 

  • Audio, Image, and Video Processing 

  • Signal and Image Acquisition and Processing 

  • VLSI Circuit Design and Testing 

  • Radar Signal Processing 

  • Secure Radar Network 

  • Signal Acquisition and Processing for Radar Applications 

  • Wireless Communication Protocols, Circuits, and Systems Design 

  • Multi-disciplinary instrumentation systems 

  • Portable Data Acquisition Systems (Harsh and Industrial Environments) 

  • Nondestructive Testing (Ultrasonic, Magnetic Flux, Eddy Current Methods) 

  • Medical Instrumentation 

  • Automotive Electronics

Electronics Research Institute - Sharif University of Tecgnology